Rad-Tox (N-4)

RAD-TOX (1 oz. liquid)

For minor symptoms related to radiation exposure (X-rays, geopathic stress, electromagnetic stress, etc.) and free radical damage. A synergistic, one-of-a-kind formula for energetic stresses of our technology-oriented society. Specially designed to reduce susceptibility. Rich in homeopathic sarcodes.

Indications: For temporary relief of inflammation, fatigue and weakness, exhaustion, anemia, and for thyroid support.

Dosage: Acute: 15 to 20 drops under the tongue, every two hours. Chronic: 10 drops three to four times daily. CHILDREN use half the adult dosage.

Directions: Take homeopathic remedies up to 30 minutes before meals. Several can be taken together. Hold for a few seconds under the tongue before taking the next one. Avoid coffee and mint products as they may reduce effectiveness of this formula. Avoid exposing to X-rays in the airports.

As always, please consult your physician prior to taking any dietary supplements or drugs.

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