Karine Parker-Lemoyne – Visual Artist

Betsy treats me, the patient, with a lot of respect, as a whole. She takes the necessary time to find the different causes of my health problems and her treatments work. She makes me feel special and worth it. In Betsy, I am confident to have found a genuine path to a durable good health. With Betsy’s treatments, I started to get a complete change in my life. The first time I went to see Betsy, it was after the pain and psychological side effects of a bad car accident. I felt anxious for a long time. I was referred to Betsy by one of her patients. I didn’t know that the change could be so spectacular. Before I met her, I was also treated chemically for a small tumor I had on the pituitary gland. After a few weeks with Betsy, I was able to stop the chemical treatment with bad side effects. My health gets better and better and today I feel less stress in my life. My life has changed for the better. I am blessed to have Betsy as a Chinese doctor and I highly recommend Yin Yang acupuncture.

Karine Parker-Lemoyne
Visual Artist
Website: RougeArt