Michael N. PhD – MS Accountancy, MBA, CPA

I have suffered from severe pain in my upper back, shoulders and neck for decades. One of my doctors even went so far as to tell me I was suffering from fibromyalgia as few years ago and prescribed pain medication as well as muscle relaxants. The medications left me feeling drowsy and strange, so I discontinued taking them. While I am not sure that she was correct in her diagnosis, the pain was real. My wife, Peggy, heard about Betsy Lu from one of her friends a little over a year ago and encouraged me to make a six month commitment to acupuncture to see if it would help. I am glad I did. Thanks to Betsy’s treatments (acupuncture, cupping and other techniques) my pain level is a fraction of what it once was. THANK YOU Betsy (and Peggy)!!!!!!!

Michael N.
PhD, MS Accountancy, MBA, CPA